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Unlocking the Sacred Script: Why Everyone, Even the Uninitiated, Should Embrace the Journey of Quranic Literacy

Updated: Apr 30


In the pursuit of religious education, a fundamental question often arises for both students and educators alike: Why should we endeavor to read the Quran in Arabic when the Prophet himself was illiterate? Addressing this inquiry is crucial, not only for personal edification but also for fostering a collective zeal for Islamic scholarship. Without a profound understanding of the 'why,' learners may find themselves adrift, lacking the inner drive to overcome the inherent challenges of acquiring a new skill— especially one as sacred and demanding as Quranic literacy.

This discussion seeks to illuminate the path for those embarking on this spiritual journey and share with you the importance of Quranic Literacy. We delve into the reasons why every individual, regardless of their starting point, should aspire to not only read but also attain fluency in Quranic Arabic. We bring to light compelling evidence and hadiths that serve as steadfast beacons, offering guidance and inspiration to both novices and seasoned students of the Quran. Join us as we explore the transformative power of embracing this journey, a voyage that promises to enrich your soul and connect you to the timeless wisdom of the Quran.

Addressing the two groups of Questionnaires : The Critics and The Students of Knowledge

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