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Mastering the Art of Quranic Recitation: Techniques for Improvement

In this discussion, we aim to offer valuable tips for individuals seeking to enhance their Quranic recitation skills. As previously emphasized on our recent blog, the pursuit of improvement in Quranic recitation should be a continuous endeavor, encompassing not only technical proficiency but also spiritual connection and understanding of the sacred text. Insha’Allah you will find these tips written below to be beneficial for you as a student and also as aspiring teachers.

As a teacher I've found myself answering my students’ questions, “how do I be good at reciting the Quran?” consistently. While this may be a good question, sometimes it irritates me due to the fact that I have already answered them a month ago. They clearly have not taken the advice. Sometimes, they even took things in their own direction and as a result, it destroyed their recitation completely. Instead of improving, they regressed into failure. Witnessing this falls short of what I have hoped for, as their teacher, and even as a fellow Muslim brother. This is something that people need to realize and solve as getting better has its own specific steps. Without them, one will find great difficulty in improving themselves. Improving with the steps is already difficult, imagine if you skipped it. 

I have been experimenting and discovering different techniques during my years of teaching. The steps I have provided below are the ones I found most useful to get a student to a high level of literacy. You may follow them like a guidebook if you wish to improve yourself. Thus, let's get into the crux of it.

  1. Source of Knowledge A student before he begins improving himself must first understand that Knowledge of the Quran is from Allah directly. Allah Himself is the one who taught the Quran.

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